Egg drop project winners

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We obtained a watermelon off a conversation with a parachute on the app. Oct 11,  · The Egg Drop Experiment This week in physics lab for my high school students we finished up the egg drop experiment.

This is a lab experiment that many students complete at sometime in their middle school or high school education.

Northern student wins science fair with 'Biogas Digester'

Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO) is the perfect complement to any K-6 science program. Support your normal classroom routine with an all-building Science Olympiad Fun Day, or bring in experts and parent volunteers to run a Science Olympiad Fun Night.

Information on ACI's Student Competition. Design and build the highest-impact-load-resistant plain or reinforced concrete Egg Protection Device (EPD).

Successful Egg Drop Ideas

Learn about concrete’s sustainable benefits related to durability, impact resistance, and other real-life aspects which an EPD simulates. The problem is simple enough. You’ve got a raw egg, and it’s going to be dropped from a high place. You have to build a contraption so that it doesn’t break when it hits.

The Egg Drop Science Project wasn’t a planned activity but it was a blast. It would be so fun in a class to keep throwing them until only one survives! For more fun activities, follow me on Facebook!


This site is a project in progress Probably won’t have time to put too much on today.

But will try Mr deWaal woke the boys up with a splendid rendition of Let it .

Egg drop project winners
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Successful Egg Drop Contraptions for a Science Project | Sciencing