Ekpeye people of nigeria

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History Of Ekpeye

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Ekpeye People of Nigeria

Rabbit meat as a preferred animal protein source in Ekpeye Kingdom of Rivers State, Nigeria G A Kalio, I Etela* and V E Ginika Department of Agriculture, Rivers State College of Education, Ndele, Nigeria. R-L: Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, Eze Ekpeye Logbo, Eze Robinson O Robinson and Eze Igbu Upata, Eze Felix Otuwarikpo during a Solidarity Visit to the Rivers State Governor by the Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality at the Government House Port Harcourt on.

Ekpeye people live in the Ahoada (Ahuda) and Ogba-Egbema areas of Rivers State in Nigeria, and were a population of about 80, by the census, the number has increased by about 63% increasing them to approximately , according to the census estimates.

Ekpeye people live in the Ahoada (Ahuda) Ogba-Egbema and Ohaji-Egbema areas of Rivers State and Imo State in Nigeria, and were a population of about 80, by the census, the number has increased by about 63% increasing them to approximately.

The Ekpeye tribe, one of the numerous tribes in Rivers state of Nigeria is a very good example of the tribes that are now involved in cohabitation.

The Ikwerre (also spelt Ikwere) are one of the many native ethnic groups in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. They are subgroup of the Igbo people. The Ikwerre are said to be related or share common ancestry with the Ogba and Ekpeye people (Akalaka brothers).

Ekpeye people of nigeria
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